There are several interesting news brewing but they’re still under negotiations so I won’t reveal them yet, kind of a propitiatory attitude. One thing though I want to say, not that it needed any confirmation: CouchSurfing is one of the best things of all time for us young dreamy backpackers. So far, I sent almost ten requests to surfers living in the first places I’m going to meet and I’ve already received six (six!) confirmations. Even if some of those shouldn’t materialize, the feedback I received put me in such a good mood: knowing that there are people already waiting for me is encouraging and reassuring, it makes me want to go meet them now.

There has been someone who suggested that I come up with something to leave to each of my hosts: reflecting on it, I stumbled upon the etymology of the italian for couch, divano (the english one is not as fascinating): it comes, Ottorino Pianigiani docet, from the persian ‘dîvân’ , which used to mean register or place where registers are (later: waiting or council room and then seat for the aforesaid). Well, there it is: each dîvân will be, for me, as old wise persians meant it, the register of a stop and a meeting.


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