It’s pretty simple: my name is Paolo De Guidi and I’ve decided to walk to England.

I live and work in Terni, Umbria, right in the middle of Italy. My girlfriend just moved to Cambridge for studying and I thought of joining her my way. I soon realised that Terni-Cambridge is almost the same way as Canterbury-Rome, that is to say the old Via Francigena. It is a nice coincidence – I told myself – I could do it backwards. On the 29th of september 2009 I forwarded my first resignation letter. The resignation will enter into effect on the 29th of november: my 27th birthday.

I will no longer have a salary. I will have a lot of time.

Last year I walked from Terni to the Amalfi Coast with two friends. Despite the lack of technical and physical preparation, it has been one of the most fun and stimulating holidays I’ve ever done, as well as a human experience that I immediately wished to reply.

Leaving for a long adventure was then something I had unconsciously bouncing in my spirit for a long time: this summer the random meeting with Erik in Turkey gave me the last push. From the moment that the idea first sparkled in my mind (yeah, when was it?) it hasn’t done anything but growing and acquiring sense and importance. I really can’t think of anything else now.

This blog will collect the preparation and, mostly, the travel notes, hoping to be useful both for me and those who might want to follow me, to remember all the stuff I will eventually stumble upon during the next months

All advice, and – most of all – everyone willing to walk with me, is more than welcome.