CouchSurfing will fill two dramatic deficiencies: money and friendship. The budget will be minimal and the loneliness a lot.  CouchSurfing  is a social network born several  years ago which users offer each other hospitality. Nowadays the website counts almost one milion and a half users all over the world, from the crowded metropolis to the most remote villages. CouchSurfing not only allows penniless travellers to save money but mostly to meet people from the places they visit who can offer help and directions better than any guide. So far I hosted four surfers (a very tall american guy, two reckless girls – a swiss and a dutch – and a polish opera singer and photographer), I’m still in contact with all of them and hope to visit them soon. CouchSurfing is one of the best things in the world, no arguments.

In this adventure I will desperately need it, I will soon start to contact surfers on the way hoping for some warm couch, interesting chats, directions and some internet connection to upgrade the blog. From a first quick check I found that there is at least one surfer in almost 50% of the forecasted stops. Which means that, potentially, l’m going to meet a lot of new friends.

Here is my CS profile.